About Us

TerraMica: Who We Are – How We Work

TerraMica is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization that does community development work with the goal of creating a sustainable future. We believe that all individuals have value and purpose. Therefore, we focus on building relationships, revealing hope, and meeting expressed needs. We work hard to empower men and women to become self-sustaining and productive members of their community who “pay it forward” by helping others. We provide strategic oversight and planning for development centers and projects that support both personal growth and community economic stimulus.

Before initiating any project, TerraMica meets with community leaders and we listen. We really listen. We engage with community leaders so they can determine what the greatest felt needs are for the people they represent, and then own the process. It is then that we step in to work with the community to accomplish their goals. We collaborate with other organizations and governmental agencies to accomplish the community’s objectives. Because it’s not just about the projects – it’s about the people we serve. It’s about loving our neighbors in tangible ways.

We accomplish this through the following initiatives:


TerraMica is focused on helping farmers manage one of the Earth’s greatest resources through effectively cultivating land: agriculture.

We are passionate about small plot farming families, and focus on agricultural training to improve crop quality and yield, provide governance for coffee farming co-ops, and work to make connections for farmers to the global market.




Community Infrastructure and Development Projects

A viable infrastructure in a community is a crucial element of health, economics, and quality of life. We work closely with community leaders to provide improvements through construction projects, such as irrigation, sanitation, and water reservoir projects. These systems are vital, as better health and strong economics lead to greater quality of life. We also partner with organizations to plan, establish, and administrate community development centers that serve local residents and refugee communities, offering a variety of classes that provide training for both job skills and personal advancement, and the opportunity for relationship development. The goals are to provide effective skills enhancement, prepare people to move toward greater sustainability, and to meet emotional and spiritual needs.




Believing that every individual has God-breathed value, we seek to reveal the hope that is in God through Christ. Our gratitude for this truth is the foundation for all the work we do globally. Through this, individuals are impacted, then families, and then communities. We work with local pastors and churches to meet spiritual and emotional needs in neighborhoods and regions where we serve.





TerraMica believes in a holistic approach to caring for our neighbors, including health care. Because every person has value, we seek to support health needs of those we serve, through medical and dental clinics, health training, clean water and sanitation programs.





TerraMica – meeting needs, sharing hope, and loving our neighbors through projects and caring.

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