TerraMica Videos — Watch ‘Em!

Take a few minutes to view our videos. You’ll enjoy learning more about what we do and why … and we think you’ll be inspired!

Kids’ Dental Health Program

Our dental health program in Honduras continues as we work with our dear friend, Dr. Janixa Reyes Pinto, to distribute 1,500 toothbrushes to kids at 40 schools, and provide dental health training. The best part? All these incredible, happy, healthy kids’ smiles!!! And who doesn’t love that? 🙂

Smile Today

… because a smile can heal! Enjoy these beautiful faces and incredible smiles. Caring, serving, compassion … the result can be some pretty incredible blessings. Enjoy!

TerraMica Water Project 2017

Life’s most precious commodity … water! As we bring our latest water project to completion, over 100 coffee farming families in Honduras have received permanent pila water reservoirs so they always have access to water! It’s all about caring for impoverished families, meeting needs, and impacting lives. TerraMica brings together donors and volunteers with the goal of creating sustainability and hope for those in need. We are grateful to the people who made this project possible – step out and join us next time and be part of impacting lives, one family at a time!

TerraMica and The Refugee Challenge

TerraMica belongs to an international coalition of organizations focusing on the global refugee crisis – helping to integrate displaced peoples into new cultures and communities by bringing hope. We’re headed back to Greece in September 2017 to implement economic development programs and work with communities hosting refugees. Consider joining us to serve, or to join our cycling team to raise funds, or partner with us in this great adventure of impacting lives!

Greetings from Coffee Country in Honduras, December 2016

Ed Apffel and Jorge Sosa visiting coffee farming families that we work with

Volunteer Focus: Manfred Niemetschek, July/August 2016

Medical/Dental Brigade, Patuca River Region, Honduras


Volunteer Focus: Jeff Hansen, July 2016

Medical/Dental Brigade, Patuca River Region, Honduras


Volunteer Focus: Steve Dixon, June 2016

Tree planting for improved sustainability at a children’s home, Honduras


Penzotti School Roof Project, January 2016

Jorge Sosa, Honduras Country Manager, shares about this infrastructure project for a school in Tegucigalpe, Honduras


Clean Water Project

Ed Apffel, Chairman – Board of Directors, shares about a water reservoir project we developed. We have successfully completed more than 80 pilas (water reservoirs) on family farms! Each one provides 5-7 days of water storage for each family, particularly critical during the dry season. Because of the success of this project, we’ve been asked to build 20 more in the Guajiquiro region. Want to help us raise $2,000 to complete this next phase? It’s a great project for individuals, families, or your small group! Contact us for details on how to get involved.